Does MedExcel offer Customized Medical Billing & Coding Solutions?

Yes, Medexcel Billing Services (MBS) offers unique and highly “Customized Medical Transcription, Billing & Coding Services and Support” to our valued clients through highly qualified, skilled, trained and industry experienced staff members thereby reducing their costs and maximizing their profits through recoveries and reimbursements. MBS stands shoulder to shoulder with its clients to manage their accounts effectively and efficiently.

What are the working timings of MBS?

MBS operates non-stop 24/7/365 in three shifts so that there should not be any delays or denials of claims. Don’t worry about your account receivables and bad debts, MBS is there for you to work while even you sleep. There is no sleep time at MBS. MBS never sleeps, a company that never sleeps, no chance of negligence, virtually zero tolerance policy for negligence and non-professionalism.

Is MBS team fully trained about Coding?

Yes. Client Satisfaction is our Top Priority! and MBS team comprises of highly professionals, trained and certified medical coders offering innovative practice management coding solutions related to CPT, HCPCS and ICD for almost all types of medical facility. Please contact us to experience our coding solutions and services as per your needs and requirements.

How soon would we get reimbursements of our long pending Account Receivables (AR)?

MBS recovery department works 24/7/365 to achieve their goals. The unique selling point (USP) of MBS 365 is its expertise and long-term experience in Aging and Account Receivable (AR) recovery for its clients. We consistently pursue for the recovery of your hard-earned lost amount or bad debts by assigning our dedicated team for specific tasks until achieve their targets. We work round the clock to manage your financial accounts while you relax.

What are the main services offered by Medexcel Billing Services?

MedExcel offers A-Z Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions under one umbrella including but not limited to medical billing services, transcriptions, coding, aging, account receivables, claim submissions, monitoring, denials, delayed payment and managing accounts thereby improving financial health of our client’s accounts and allowing them to focus mainly on their core medical practices.

Do you perform Patient’s Eligibility Check?

MBS offers exclusive services of performing complete eligibility check of your patient’s insurance to avoid any chances of denials or delays in claims, and to reduce the account receivable days.

What is MBS success rate of “First Time Approval of Claims”?

MBS proudly enjoys more than 97% success rate in term of first-time approval of claims. This credit surely goes to our highly skilled and experienced team which strictly follows the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the organization. Our success story includes precision and accuracy in medical billing, coding, timely re-imbursements, fastest collections, and least denial ratios.

How Do You Minimize Denials or Rejections?

Each claim is precious for us therefore our QA team verifies every single claim thoroughly before payment posting. New norms are being set in post-Covid world which enables our QA team to even work from home but keep an eagle eye on all the processes to identify bottlenecks and problem areas and to address them in most effective and efficient way. This allows our team to have consistent follow-ups to further minimize the chances of delayed payments or denials.

How Do You Ensure Data Security & Protection?

MBS billing software is strictly compliant with HIPAA regulations. Confidentiality, integrity, secrecy, privacy and security of patient’s information is our top priority. Our client’s data and patient’s information are processed in the form of “End-to-End Encrypted Data”.

Would I Get Customized and User-Friendly Reports for My Convenience?

Yes, MBS provides extensive, customizable and user-friendly reports including but not limited to claims, payments, reimbursements, delays and denials etc. various graphs clearly indicate the trends and provide meaningful information to assist in result-oriented decision making. These comprehensive reports assist in forecasting the future payments to enable our clients to plan accordingly.

How Soon Would I get the Response from MBS Team?

Highly professional, trained and customer friendly support staff is always available 24/7/365 to facilitate our stakeholders.  Our technical and support staff is happy to answer to all of your questions and queries rationally, to make you satisfy and feel good. Instant and professional replies distinguish us from others. MBS customer support team and technical staff is happy to respond to any query or valuable suggestion for bringing perfection in the medical billing system and processes.

What Would Be Cost of Switching to MedExcel?

Welcome, virtually there is Zero Switching Cost to MBS. MBS is pleased to offer 100% FREE medical billing services for the first month and would be more than happy to reply to your queries as per your satisfaction. No questions will be asked, should you desire to mover back or to move to any other medical billing company? Because, we trust the competency of our professional team, and we are fully confident that once you try our medical billing services, then you will never leave us.

MBS is a HIPAA Compliance organization?

Yes, MBS is a fully HIPAA compliant organization and we strictly adhere to the policies, guidelines, rules and regulations. MBS organizes frequent refresher training programs for our billing executives, TLs and Managers to prevent from any violation of SOPs or fraudulent activity. MBS offers hassle free medical billing services and additionally, keeps updating our stakeholders about any change in laws, policies, rules & regulations. Healthcare sector is growing rapidly in USA and MBS team understands the billing processes better than most of the billing companies and hence offers fully HIPA compliant.

How Do You Ensure Clean Billing System (CBS)?

In order to avoid any delays or denials, MBS ensures 100% error free and Clean Billing, & Coding (CBC) processes further checked & verified by our QA department before formal submission. Our team is highly obsessive with their task, having perfectionist style of working. Our vigilant QA department always remain cautious and keeps an eagle eye on all processes in the billing system which makes it nearly impossible for anything to escape their notice. Error-free billing and timely submissions minimize the chances of getting delayed payments or denials.

How Could We Maximize Revenue of Our Medical Practices?

Timely recovery is the top priority at MBS, which allows our clients to focus more on their practices to generate more revenue and let us take care of their financial issues. Our AR team comprises of highly skilled and experienced team having decades of experience in recovering bad debts and delayed payments thereby maximizing the revenues of our clients and offer them comfort and stress free life. Consistent follow-ups and rationale replies ensures maximum reimbursements in minimum possible time frame. Fast collections and timely reimbursements is the top priority of our AR department.

How Would MBS Assists Me in Getting More Customer Satisfaction?

MBS enables the medical practices to increase their revenues by focusing more on to their core activities and live stress-free from billing claims, and enjoy timely reimbursements and recovery of their bad debts thereby maximizing their profits. We have highly trained, skilled, experienced and competent staff to look after and manage including but not limited to their billings, claims, denial, delayed payments issues.

How do you Promise Cost-effective Medical Billing Solutions for my Practice?

MBS offers change in medical billing processes to maximize the revenue of our clients. MBS offers highly cost-effective solutions to medical practice billing services. Comfort and 100% satisfaction of our valued clients is at the core of our all activities.

How often do you follow-up the Long Pending Claims and Payment Reimbursements?

Designated team is assigned to perform consistent follow-ups until the tasks are completed as per the prescribed quality standards of our QA department. Client satisfaction is the top most priority of our all-business activities. MBS has SOPS to forward frequent reports to our valued clients to keep them informed all the time about process and progress.