MEdExcel Specialized Team

MBS is comprised of highly skilled team members having experience of medical practice billing for over decades. All billing claims go through swiftly and smoothly. MBS offers dynamic and timely services which allows our clients to focus on growing their businesses and let us handle their financial worries. MBS is highly recommended by many satisfied clients including but not limited to individual practices, clinics, hospitals and labs. MBS offers highly focused and specialized services where everything is dealt by its specialist department only. We have specialized team members designated with specialized roles to perform their specialized tasks i.e “Jack of all but master of ONE”.

Training – Sharing is Caring

Jointly teams training sessions are frequently organized for sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices for highly motivated staff members to inculcate a caring-working environment in a unique harmony to find optimum solutions for our valued clients.

Equal Opportunity Employer

MBS is an equal opportunity employer, provides ample of opportunities for personal/professional development and growth to all employees irrespective of their ethnic background, gender, religion and age. As part of our CSR program, there is a special quota of employment for people with special needs. Frequent training and motivational sessions are held for our team members. Women empowerment is also promoted within the ecosystem of our organization.

Human Centric Organization

Human centric organization, we value people and our all stakeholders. MBS believes in delegating the powers and decision making to its people because we trust in our people’s competency and capabilities. Equal opportunity for everyone irrespective of age, gender, ethnic background and religion rather we value qualification, experience and skillset of individuals. We respect and care our team members and acknowledge the services of our knowledge workers

Staff Training at MBS

Roles plays, skits, performances emphasis more on characters building and enhancing moral values in routine and frequent training sessions and workshops, organized and monitored by foreign qualified, highly skilled, experienced and trained seniors – sharing their knowledge, experiences and best practices in medical transcription, billing and coding services – thereby creating more employment opportunities for lower / middle income class group of society, who are badly effected by pandemic covid-19. MBS trainers extract the very best out of our employees through frequently arrange refresher programs and motivational workshops. MBS also takes advantage of IT & ITES for providing e-solutions, e-services, and e-training to its stakeholder.

Health & Safety at Working Place

Occupational Health & Safety Precautionary measures are in-place and strictly implemented as per international safety standards thereby providing a happy, healthy and safe working environment for everyone. It is mandatory for all co-workers to get vaccinated for covid-19.

Robust Performance Measurement & Reward System

MBS has a “Robust Performance-Based Reward System” thereby creating a self-sustaining highly competitive working environment amongst the teams to always keep challenging their abilities and to explore themselves to reach up to further higher level of skillset. MBS is a “Happy Service Provider” organization having a fair reward system for employees, by acknowledging their services, performances and contribution for the organization. MBS is blessed to have a High Performing Team (HPT) comprising of determined, focused, consistent and specialized professionals having unique set of skills in their own departments thereby making sure that financial aspects of your practice is in the safe hands having experience spread over decades.

Customer & Employee Centric Org

Customer and Employee Centric organization always struggling for reaching to optimum solutions of every single operational process and activity to identify and address the weak-links in the organization and remove bottlenecks for optimum efficiency. Just-in-Time (JIT) Theory is imbedded into our system, operational processes, and supply chain management. All departments are highly integrated and optimized level productivity without any breakage – non-stop services. HR departments always keep looking for finding the right person for the right job at the right place and in right time.