Are you worried about your Medical Billing Services?

  • Delays in Payment Collections?
  • Claim Denials or Rejections?
  • Credentialing Issues?
  • Account Receivables (AR) Recovery?

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Highly Competitive & Cost-Effective Medical Billing Services

I am pleased to introduce you, Medical Excellence Billing Services LLC (USA), a USA based organisation having its footprints in Seattle, WA. MedExcel offers medical transcription, billing and coding services at highly competitive and cost-effective service charges. These service charges can be compared with any other company in the world offering the same services at at-least the similar quality standard. MedExcel offers a wide range of services and customized solutions to its valued clients to satisfy their needs more effectively and efficiently. MedExcel is highly dependent on ITES and technological development to offer best services to our valued clients to meet their expectations more effectively and efficiently, thereby allowing our valued clients to focus on their core activity resulting in maximizing their profit margins and lowering their operational costs.

MedExcel Billing & Coding Services offers a wide range of medical billing services including but not limited to following:

  • Medical Transcription, Billing & Coding
  • Claim Submission, Rejections / Denials
  • Credentialing, Delayed Payments & Account Receivables

MedExcel, understands your medical billing needs and respond to them – more effectively and efficiently through our tailormade solutions. Our billers and claim handlers perform their jobs meticulously and diligently thereby getting minimum denials or rejections, making fast payment collections and maximizing your revenue.

Looking Forward to having a long-term working relationship with your esteemed organisation. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Syeda Hina Shakil
Executive Director
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