Saves Your Precious Time & Money by Outsourcing your Medical Billing Services!

It requires a lot of time and effort to recruit and train manpower to perform in-house medical billing services whereas even better trained and skilled team can be appointed overseas to look after your financial matters at much lower cost, thereby allowing you to focus more on your core business activities which eventually results in more patient’s satisfaction and increased revenue.

MBS facilitates you to achieve optimum performance with innovative style of medical billing & coding services.

Increased Cash flow and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

MBS enables the medical practices to increase their revenues by focusing more on to their core activities and live stress-free from billing claims, and enjoy timely reimbursements and recovery of their bad debts thereby maximizing their profits. We have highly trained, skilled, experienced and competent staff to look after and manage including but not limited to their billings, claims, denial, delayed payments issues.

Patient’s Satisfaction

By outsourcing your billing management services to MBS, it enables you to give more time to your core activities thereby resulting in your customer satisfaction and inflow; eventually increases your overall business growth. MBS allows you to explore and tap more business & growth opportunities before your competitors rather than to spend your time in resolving your recoveries and financial issues. Let us handle your claims and billing issues so that you could focus on your patients and customers.

Fastest Claims and Collections

We strongly believe in the quote “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” because “Tomorrow never Comes”. Therefore, filing claims and responding to all queries in timely manner is considered very crucial in every department of MBS. We ensure highest billing reimbursements for our clients thereby maximizing their revenues and recovering their bad debts in time. Fastest insurance collections are ensured by our TLs followed by QA department. We emphasis on combination of work processes and smooth flow of information between departments to gain synergy.

Information & Computer Technology (ICT) at MBS

MBS is a highly adaptive organization and our team is capable of learning the customized software of any organization and to further implement it in least possible time so that our valued clients don’t have to shift to our software and they don’t have to invest their precious time in learning and practicing our software. We understand the value of time of our clients and we acknowledge their services for community and general public. We make our client’s life easier through our highly skilled and professional team. Top quality service standards are highly appreciated, respected and valued by our happy clients. Our customized software effectively generates systematic and comparable data for statistical analysis to find meaningful information for drawing result-oriented resolution of denials and delayed claims.

Cost-effective Medical Billing Solutions

MBS offers change in medical billing processes to maximize the revenue of our clients. MBS offers highly cost-effective solutions to medical practice billing services. Comfort and 100% satisfaction of our valued clients is at the core of our all activities.