Our QAM ensures highest level of professionalism – virtually “Zero Tolerance Policy” for submitting wrong claims and ensures error-free charge entry process. In order to ensure minimum denials and to avoid delays, our QA department ensures error-free claim submission thereby resulting in faster reimbursement and maximum revenues for the practices. QAM is designed to minimize the chances of occurring unnecessary / uncontrollable cash-outflows. QAM is like a heart and is embedded into our system which ensures that SOPs are strictly followed and there is no place for any divergence in our organisation.


Should there be any complications or ambiguous information in the claims which may cause delays or denials, our QA department send it back to the processing team to re-evaluate it and make it error-free, clean and simple. We believe “a little delay in the process of submission by QA is better rather than to chase delays / denials and cause unnecessary problems for our valued clients”. We don’t overburden our team and we don’t even pressurize them to produce quantity work by submitting more number of claims, on the contrary, we focus on quality work (error-free submissions). Post-Covid19, welcome to the new world, and new norms are being set; it was a challenging task for QAM for ensure error-free and clean billing processes while teams were working remotely (work from home) and at times, only 50% staff is allowed at work place and on random days.