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MedExcel Billing Services

MBS understands your medical billing needs and respond to them - more effectively and efficiently as compared to other service providers. Our billers and claim handlers perform their jobs meticulously and diligently. Focused and Precision in their work quality is our company’s pride which enables us to have error-free billing claims, thereby resulting in timely and maximum payments for our clients without having any unreasonable deductions and delays in payments.

Resistance to Change

MBS is a continuously learning organization and adaptive to change; translating and transferring the advantages to our stake holders for making a self-sustainable and reliable medical billing system. Since, “Change is the only Constant” and “Change is Inevitable”, therefore, we understand the resistance to change, and accordingly, we also understand the risks and costs involved in switching to new service provider therefore, we offer value added services (VAS) and complete innovative solutions to medical practices. We will address your issues effectively, efficiently and diligently by offering smooth transition leading to our innovative, learning organization; adaptive to change.

Customizable and User-Friendly Reports

MBS provides extensive, customizable and user-friendly reports including but not limited to claims, payments, reimbursements, delays and denials etc. various graphs clearly indicate the trends and provide meaningful information to assist in result-oriented decision making. Customized reports can be provided to clients on need-to-know basis. These comprehensive reports assist in forecasting the future payments to enable our clients to plan accordingly. Business analysts provide comprehensive coverage of data by using state-of-the art tools and data analysis techniques to formulate various meaningful and result oriented reports and graphs.

Virtually Zero Switching Cost to MBS

MBS is pleased to offer 100% FREE medical billing services for the first month and would be more than happy to reply to your queries as per your satisfaction. No questions will be asked, should you desire to move back or switch to any other medical billing company? Because, we trust the competency of our professional team, and we are fully confident that once you try our medical billing services, then you will never leave us.