Wide Range of Services at MBS – 360

MBS is proudly offering services by enlarge in every aspect, first-class premium service plans to suit the unique requirements of our esteemed clients. We arrange one-on-one discussion sessions with our clients hence there is no middleman, direct services to the client makes us different and unique.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Get A-Z Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions under one umbrella including but not limited to medical billing services, transcriptions, coding, aging, account receivables, claim submissions, monitoring, denials, delayed payment and managing accounts thereby improving financial health of our client’s accounts and allowing them to focus mainly on their core medical practices.

Patient’s Eligibility Check

MBS offers exclusive services of performing complete eligibility check of your patient’s insurance to avoid any chances of denials or delays in claims, and to reduce the account receivable days.

First Time Approved Claims

MBS proudly enjoys more than 97% success rate in term of first-time approval of claims. This credit surely goes to our highly skilled and experienced team which strictly follows the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the organization. Our success story includes precision and accuracy in medical billing, coding, timely re-imbursements, fastest collections, and least denial ratios.

Payment Posting & Claims

Each claim is precious for us therefore our QA team verifies every single claim thoroughly before payment posting. New norms are being set in post-Covid world which enables our QA team to even work from home but keep an eagle eye on all the processes to identify bottlenecks and problem areas and to address them in most effective and efficient way. This allows our team to have consistent follow-ups to further minimize the chances of delayed payments or denials.

Just in Time (JIT) – Timely Reimbursement

Our professional A/R team takes-up the case instantly to resolve its issues, thereby making it error-free as per international industry standards and then resubmit it asap. All the processes are so smooth, that everything is happening in real time environment “Just-in-Time” (JIT) as and when required basis, thereby eliminating the chances of creating bottlenecks in the system which may cause unnecessary delays in payments. It is primarily the responsibility of our experienced A/R team to consistently pursue the rejected claims or delayed reimbursements. Effective and efficient task management is the key success factor of our organization eventually avoiding any further delays in reimbursement. Our appeal success ratio is more than 90%.

Keep it Simple Strategy

In order to get timely payments, our professional team focuses on making patient’s statement more comprehensible, logical, and rational and simple.

Data Security & Protection

MBS billing software is strictly compliant with HIPAA regulations. Confidentiality, integrity, secrecy, privacy and security of patient’s information is our top priority. Our client’s data and patient’s information are processed in the form of “End-to-End Encrypted Data”. In order to take control of your organization’s digital security, it requires the defenses built for the modern workplace. Save and protect your organization’s data with world’s most reliable, secured and trusted cloud servers.

Customizable and user-friendly reports

MBS provides extensive, customizable and user-friendly reports including but not limited to claims, payments, reimbursements, delays and denials etc. various graphs clearly indicate the trends and provide meaningful information to assist in result-oriented decision making. Customized reports can be provided to clients on need-to-know basis. These comprehensive reports assist in forecasting the future payments to enable our clients to plan accordingly. Business analysts provide comprehensive coverage of data by using state-or-the art tools and data analysis techniques to formulate various meaningful and result oriented reports and graphs.

Customer Support 24/7/365

Highly professional, trained and customer friendly support staff is always available 24/7/365 to facilitate our stakeholders.  Our technical and support staff is happy to answer to all of your questions and queries rationally, to make you satisfy and feel good. Instant and professional replies distinguish us from others. MBS customer support team and technical staff is happy to respond instantly to any query or valuable suggestion for bringing perfection in our medical billing system and processes.

Grow Your Business with MedExcel

MedExcel provides reliable & secured end-to-end medical billing solutions, enabling Practices to grow business rapidly.