MBS is pleased to offer 100% FREE medical billing services for the first month and would be more than happy to reply to your queries as per your satisfaction. No questions will be asked, should you desire to move back or switch to any other medical billing company? Because, we trust the competency of our professional team, and we are fully confident that once you try our medical billing services, then you will never leave us.

Switching to MedExcel Billing Services!

Switching to MedExcel is as easy as 1,2,3, Go!
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    Contact our Technical & Support Staff

    Our trained and experienced staff will take details of your existing billing system and your requirements.

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    Analytical Review

    After analytical review, MBS team would make a plan for smooth and uninterrupted switching to MedExcel Billing Services.

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    100% FREE Medical Billing Services

    Enjoy and experience our 100% FREE Medical Billing Services for the first month. Should you decide to continue? then we will move on to step 4, alternatively, NO questions will be asked.

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    Becoming Happy Client of MedExcel

    Welcome to MedExcel family!
    Enjoy the success, and hassle-free services of highly skilled, trained, experienced and professional team.