Top 10 Reasons – Why MedExcel is Best!

Are you worried??? About
  • Delayed Payment Reimbursements
  • Denials or rejections in Insurance Claims
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Timely and Meaningful Reports
  • Errors in Coding and Claims

Choosing the best medical billing and coding service provider company having end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) service is more than just finding someone to process your claims.

MedExcel is a HIPAA Complaint – USA based organization having its footprints in Seattle Washington. Please find below top 10 reasons to outsource your medical billing & coding services to MedExcel (The No.1):

Customized Reports

At MedExcel, we ensure provision of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports so that our clients get clear idea about their claims, collection of payments and account receivables etc.  By having these meaningful and useful reports, our clients can easily manage their accounts and payments without any uncertainty and can and plan accordingly.

Positive Daily Cash Flow

At MedExcel, we process Insurance claims and remits are posted on daily basis and payments are usually received up to 3 weeks whereas normally it takes up to 90 days.

Claims Paid Ratio Average 99.6%

MedExcel has virtually little or no impact on the pocket of medical practices and health care service units because we enhance your chances of collection of payments in the most efficient way, therefore you only pay from your collections from insurance companies.

Decreased Number of Denials

MedExcel is proud to have highly skilled, professional and experienced billing & coding staff, which ensures precision and accuracy in medical billing and coding services thereby minimizing the chances of denials.

Consistent Medical Billing Services

MedExcel’s core business is to offers top quality ‘Medical Billing and Coding Services’ consistently through highly professional, skilled and experienced team. Therefore, you don’t need to appoint persons in-house billing and coding services. This allows you to focus on your own business or medical practices so that to maximize your client satisfaction and eventually resulting in enhanced revenue.

Focused and Specialist Billing and Coding

At MedExcel, there is strictly no policy of “One Man Two Hats”, rather we have specialized and focused departments for each individual activity and process of Medical Billing Services including but not limited to charge entry, patient’s eligibility check, claims, recovery, follow-up etc.

Quality Assurance Mechanism (QAM)

The prime responsibility of our “Quality Assurance Department” is to monitor and verify all insurance claims, billing & coding activities to minimize delays, denials and rejections.

‘Accuracy in Coding’ and Precision in making ‘Clean Claims’ to get approval in first attempt, is the core objective of QAM.

HIPAA-compliant Services

We strictly adhere to HIPAA policies in offering medical billing services and there is “Zero Tolerance Policy” for negligence in HIPAA compliance. There is no compromise in the privacy and security of client’s data and information. We use cloud-based software, dedicated servers and workstations properly secured from getting hacked or get infected by viruses etc. There is proper system for document disposal and destruction so that no one could use it for any purpose.

Fast Payment Collections and Maximum Reimbursement

At MedExcel, we emphasis on claim scrubbing edit processes to identify any missing/wrong important and relevant information including but not limited to referencing, ordering physician etc. and then claims are being forwarded for insurance claims to minimize denials, delays or rejections in payment reimbursements.

Customized Medical Billing Solutions

At MedExcel, we understand that every single practice and health care service provider is unique and therefore requires customized medical billing solutions, hence, our revenue cycle management specialists take care of your medical billing hassle to ensure consistent cash flow, enhance your revenue and minimize your delays, denials or rejection. We consistently follow-up the claims and ARs to enhance your revenue thereby enabling you to focus on your core activity rather than wasting your precious time with insurance companies. We have industry specialists and experts to do this job for you.

More Patients = More Customer Satisfaction = More Revenue