Why MedExcel Billing Services?

MBS is a highly professional and focused organization for providing medical billing services to individual doctors, clinics, hospitals practices and Labs. MBS excels in many ways for providing fast, reliable, effective and efficient medical billing services. We are your trusted partners in managing your financial accounts to maximize your profits through minimum denials, quick collections, timely recovery and reimbursements. MBS is undoubtedly one of the best and fastest growing organization for providing medical transcription, billing and coding services.

Timely Recovery & Maximum Reimbursements

Timely recovery is the top priority at MBS, which allows our clients to focus more on their practices to generate more revenue and let us take care of their financial issues. Our AR team comprises of highly skilled and experienced team having decades of experience in recovering bad debts and delayed payments thereby maximizing the revenues of our clients and offer them comfort and stress free life. Consistent follow-ups and rationale replies ensures maximum reimbursements in minimum possible time frame. Fast collections and timely reimbursements is the top priority of our AR department.

HIPAA Compliance

MBS is a fully HIPAA compliant organization and we strictly adhere to the policies, guidelines, rules and regulations. MBS organizes frequent refresher training programs for our billing executives, TLs and Managers to prevent from any violation of SOPs or fraudulent activity. MBS offers hassle free medical billing services and additionally, keeps updating our stakeholders about any change in laws, policies, rules & regulations. Healthcare sector is growing rapidly in USA and MBS team understands the billing processes better than most of the billing companies and hence offers fully HIPA compliant.

Clean Billing System (CBS)

In order to avoid any delays or denials, MBS ensures 100% error free and Clean Billing, & Coding (CBC) processes further checked & verified by our QA department before formal submission. Our team is highly obsessive with their task, having perfectionist style of working. Our vigilant QA department always remain cautious and keeps an eagle eye on all processes in the billing system which makes it nearly impossible for anything to escape their notice. Error-free billing and timely submissions minimize the chances of getting delayed payments or denials.

Eligibility Check

We understand that patient’s eligibility check is crucial in medical billing system because if we make mistake in the beginning of the process then we would end up in unnecessary delays in payment reimbursements and may also face rejections or denials. We pursue excellence right from the very beginning till the end, to make error-free and clean billing system.

Precise Coding & Making Clean Claims

Precision in coding and making clean claims, is vital to the medical billing processes because it minimizes the chances of denials or delayed payments.